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My teaching experience varies quite a lot from teaching two languages (English and Spanish) to teaching a wide range of different ages. I started out as an English Teacher first in Xiamen, China in 2013. I then moved to Hong Kong where I continued to teach English as a second language at primary level. During this time I also worked part time teaching both English and Spanish to kids and adults one on one. A little while later I moved from being an English teacher to being an Individual Needs Teacher at an international school where I taught primary education to small groups. This was a different experience as I was dealing with kids with learning disabilities. I was trained on the different emotional development stages and worked with many speech and school-based occupational therapists. Upon moving to Shanghai, I went back into teaching ESL and working part time teaching adults Beginner, Intermediate, Conversational and Business English. I've always enjoyed teaching and am passionate about giving students the best possible education whilst establishing a supportive relationship. Being someone who is fundamentally committed to good practice and innovation, I endeavor to always engage in continuous learning in order to broaden my students' knowledge and experience. I hope to continue to get certified in the field of education in upcoming years!


English Teacher 2017 - 2018
Aiju Kindergarten - Shanghai
Manage a class of 22 4-5 year olds in the morning and 2-3 year olds in the afternoon. Plan entire curriculum including: materials, assignments, and assessments. Hold frequent meetings with parents to discuss student's progress. Plan and coordinate social events outside of the school for students and their families to attend.

Individual Needs Teacher 2016 - 2017
ESF Bradbury School - Hong Kong
Support the students by working either with an individual or group of students on specified tasks. Planning and delivering well structured lessons with engage & motivate students. Support the teachers by liaising and feeding back about student progress. Organizing and supporting a range or extra-curricular activities. Support the professional development opportunities by attending courses and training days whenever possible. Support the school by liaising as a team in promoting the aims, ethos and policies of the IN department and school at all times.

English Teacher 2014 - 2016
Monkey Tree
Develop and implement instructional activities that contribute to climate where students are actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences. Ensure that the student growth and achievement are continuous and appropriate for age group and or subject area. Managing resources effectively and ensuring appropriate value for money.


Rutgers University
Psychology and Communications

150 hour TEFL


My hobbies include a variety of different things. I am very crafty with my hands so I like to draw, paint, sew and knit. I also do a lot of yoga and when I get the chance I like to go hiking with my dogs. My main passion is to travel but it can get really expensive! Currently I'm learning about coffee and desperately want to get certified in coffee tasting and making. I've also started to write and am playing with the idea of writing a series of children books! I also love action movies especially James Bond and Marvel! The list could go on. :)


西班牙语, 中文(普通话)

英语能力: 流利

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