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  • Su

  • nationality 美国人
  • female experience 教学经验: 3 年
  • location 上海 浦东新区
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    I was born in China and went to the states when I was in middle school. I taught Chinese to high school students at Hunter College, New York in the summer of 2014. Those students were in the Startalk program. I want to become a tutor because I love teaching. I am studying Ph.D. program at East China Normal University. I tutored an Italian student Chinese grammar for a semester. Now, I am doing one-on-one teaching, and I have been doing one-on-one tutoring for more than three years. I am teaching beginner Chinese, intermediate Chinese, and conversational and business Chinese. I am also teaching on Skype. When I am tutoring adults, I like to use authentic materials.


    Penn State
    East Asian Studies and Chinese Minor

    East China Normal University
    Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages


    I like traveling, cooking, chatting, reading, and writing.


    中文(普通话), 英语

    中文能力: 流利

    I can't say nothing but good things about this tutor. She's a very nice person yet professional and her method is efficient. Plus she's always available if you have any questions or any kind of problem. Would definitely recommend her to everyone.