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  • female experience 教学经验: 8 年
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    I am a teacher with five years (with one year working in Europe)chinese language teaching experience . I try my best to offer great chinese learning experience to my learners. which is fun ,inspiring and practical. I have course curriculum for each level, The chinese class is total immension , during class I will get you to think, lead you to talk with updated tailor-made materials I prepared. You will get a lot of practice and most of the class time to speak, interact with me and apply what you learnt. You will find chinese is so easy to learn in a fun and inspring way. With me you can learn business Chinese, junior Chinese, spoken and reading Chinese, Chinese character ,HSK exam-focused chinese, skype online class ,one on one tutoring meet in person and small group class (2-5) ect. Contact me to test your chinese level and get personal studying plan.


    Teaching Mandarin as a second language


    I have many hobbies like swimming, belly dancing, playing Chinese flute, singing, biking, photo shooting, Chinese painting, cooking etc. to make sure I am not a boring teacher. I can speak fluent english , some Dutch , a little French ( still learning ) I have organized Chinese cultural activities such as the tour to Forbidden city ,the Great Wall, making dumplings, Chinese tea ceremony etc.but I don't play mahjong very well. And I don't know fortune-telling or any kung-fu : ) I am interested in and respect all different cultures , I have traveled a lot in Chinese minority areas and many cities in Europe. I am a nice person to talk with and hang out with. Mostly I become friends and have a good relation with my students.


    中文(普通话), 英语, 荷兰语, 法语

    英语能力: 流利
    中文能力: 流利

    • 高级汉语 家教



    Maggie s a great teacher! she is very organized, very patient, and always finds a creative way to explain the difficult Chinese language. I would recommend Maggie to anyone who wants to improve their Chinese, whether you are just beginning or studying for the HSK. Her rates are fair. and she always is very helpful with those of us who have ever changing schedules!

    Maggie is an excellent tutor. I really appreciate her help with my HSK exam.