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  • nationality 美国人
  • male 男 , 32 experience 教学经验: 10 年
  • location 北京 丰台区
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    初中级英语, 高级英语, 英语会话, 商务英语, 雅思, 德语, 葡萄牙语, 西班牙语


    I grew up in several countries which allowed me to be fluent in many languages with a strong international background. I love teaching and learning new languages and my biggest joy is to help others master a new language as well. I've been tutoring for more than 10 years and teaching in schools and companies for 5 years. I have students of all ages and levels preparing to live abroad, attending international schools and corporate training.


    Teacher 2005 - 2015


    I like playing classic guitar and developing mobile games (JavaScript).


    德语, 西班牙语, 葡萄牙语

    英语能力: 流利

    Del's classes enormously improved my English speaking skills and helped me to prepare for the IELTS speaking part. Del is a professional teacher who quickly identified my weaknesses and adapt his lessons accordingly so that I could improve my confidence and level of English within a couple of weeks.

    Del was very motivated trainer and polite, we got very good feedback from the Employees who attend the training and we could see the improvement from the employee. Truly recommend Del as a professional trainer.

    Del 老师非常专业和敬业,他的英语水平和工作态度都是一流的。他教给孩子的不仅是语言,而且是批判性思维,透过各种社会话题的讨论,让孩子的语言在开阔视野、增长见识、提高分析问题、解决问题的能力培养中,得到提高。在短暂的几次互动式授课中,孩子从开口用英语说话,到有自己独到的见解和思想,并且运用英语自如表达,授课效果非常好。孩子应用语言的能力很快被激活了,并且批判性思维的种子深深栽种进了孩子的头脑。Del老师,您很棒!感谢您!