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Hello! My name is Teacher Stewart and I'm very excited to be teaching for Soufudao. I'm 27 years old and I am from Dallas, Texas. I have taught English to Speakers of Other Languages for over 5 years. I am experienced with teaching in classroom settings, over telephone, and online. I have taught to many different nationalities, age groups, and all levels of English proficiency. I am a very interactive teacher who believes in turning difficult lessons into fun games and activities. I determine the student's needs and focus my lessons on turning their weaknesses into strengths. My classes are always student centered because the student can only master English by speaking as much as possible. I help guide the student to achieving their full potential, realize how to open their minds, and eventually they learn how to teach themselves. 您好!我的名字是斯图尔特老师,我很高兴能教了Soufudao 。我26岁,我来自得克萨斯州达拉斯市。我教英语的其他语言者超过5年。我经历与教学课堂设置,通过电话和在线。我教过许多不同国籍,年龄,及各级英语水平。我是一个非常互动的老师谁在转弯困难的教训变成有趣的游戏和活动人士认为。我确定学生的需求和关注我的经验教训将他们的短处变成长处。我的课总是以学生为中心,因为学生只有掌握英语口语由尽可能多地。我帮助指导学生充分发挥其潜力,实现如何打开他们的头脑,最终他们学会如何教自己 Reviews from some of my super students :-) Aliya - China — December 5, 2015 I even do not know how to put words into it, he just awesome!!! Helen - China — June 25, 2016 My kid have had two classes with teacher Stewart, and she likes him a lot! After every class, Stewart sent messages with a very nice summary about what he taught, and what my daughter needs to improve and the schedule for the following class. I really like the way he taught my daughter and appreciate it. Strongly recommend him to young kids:) Julia Chen - Taiwan — July 21, 2016 My teacher is funny, I like talking with him and create stories together. André - Brazil — December 17, 2015 Stewart is THE MASTER!!! Allen - China — August 14, 2016 Stewart is a very good teacher, very patient, always prepared for each student. The content is very suitable and exciting for my little daughter. Thanks! Bashayer - Saudi Arabia — August 16, 2016 lovely human being and excellent teacher <3 Definitely will book more classes with Stewart. Dany - Costa Rica — October 27, 2015 Stewart is a great and patient teacher, he always prepares an interesting class focusing on what you need or want to improve. I recommend him if you want good quality lessons, feedback and to have some fun too. Hadi - Unites States / Iran — February 26, 2016 Stewart is a perfect teacher. I am very excited about find right teacher for english. He corrects all my wrong sentences. He has a very natural accent and he is very polite. Sergey - Russia — June 1, 2016 Hello Everyone, My name is Sergey and I am from Russia. I have been taking classes with Stewart since October 2015. My goal is to get 7 band score at the speaking part of the IELTS exam so every lesson we try to practice speaking as much as possible. The speaking part consists of 3 sections. You should be able to speak on familiar topics such as your job or hobby (section 1), describe something(section 2) and answer more complicated questions (section 3). Usually, we begin our lesson with a short talk about things going and then discuss the topic of the lesson in detail so our lessons cover all 3 sections of the speaking parts of the IELTS. During the lessons, I write down new vocabulary but after every lesson Stewart send me a brief summary of a new vocabulary, my mistakes and corrections and an audio file with pronunciation. These audios are extremely useful because they help me to improve my pronunciation and memorize new words because I listen to them nearly every day. If I forgot the meaning of the word from the audio then I could revise it in the summary. One of the features of Stewart's lessons is that he gives interesting native speaker vocabulary. I guarantee that you are not going to find it in textbooks. On top of that, his lessons are fun :) and I really enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and Stewart's sense of humor :) Recently I took a mock IELTS exam and got 7 for speaking thus I achieved my objective. Nevertheless, I am not going to slack off and hope to improve my score at a real one. I think if you are an open-minded and easy-going person and know your goals then Stewart is your teacher. Your English will never be rusty :) Sincerely, Sergey


Writer's Assistant 2010 - 2011
CBS Studios
Writer's Assistant for Writers of American TV Show

English Teacher Online 2012 - 2015
English Teacher

English Teacher Online 2014 - 2016
English Teacher

English Tutor And Media Director 2011 - 2014
PEHF - Philippines
Media Director and English Tutor for NGO that studied Indigenous Filipinos

Home School Teacher 2013 - 2015
ACE Home School Curriculum
English Teacher for my Children


Emerson College
Mass Communications: Screenwriting


I love to play basketball, read books, cook, watch movies/TV, and shop on Aliexpress.com. On weekends I love to fly with my paraglider/paramotor.



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A real good teacher for me!