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  • Jimmy

  • nationality 美国人
  • male 男 , 34 experience 教学经验: 9 年
  • location 上海
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I have previous experience teaching English both to University students, and children. I'm a friendly, fun and patient teacher. My Chinese is quite good,I love teaching and learning new languages and my biggest joy is to help others master a new language as well. I've been tutoring for more than 9 years. My students are people of all ages and levels in preparation for moving abroad, international schools and examinations. I taught American Studies and English for Academic Purposes to high school and university aged students. I love to teach, it is my passion, I hope to always teach. I love tutoring because it allows me to form more personal relationships with the students. I am very proud of my students when they accomplish their dreams. I can proudly say that 100% of my students with the aim of moving abroad have passed all the required tests and interviews and it gives me great pleasure to hear from them time and time again. Organization, hard work and enthusiasm for teaching are only a few of the many qualities I possess. I want to continue to adapt to changing times, curriculum's and students, embracing challenges along the way. I enjoy reading and writing, travelling and exploring new places.


I like meeting people,reading,going out for coffee with friends. I like to be more than a teacher,like I said before,I become friend of my students. I am currently learning Chinese at intermediate level, so this takes up most of my time. I like to play football when I get the chance. I love being outdoors! I enjoy exploring Shanghai on foot and on bike.


法语, 西班牙语, 阿拉伯语

英语能力: 流利
中文能力: 流利

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  • 初中级英语 家教
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