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  • Zoe

  • nationality 中国人
  • female experience 教学经验: 3 年
  • location 上海 徐汇区

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高级汉语, 会话汉语, 商务汉语, 汉语水平考试, 初中级汉语


I am a part time Chinese teacher, i have kept teaching Mandarin for several years. I like my teaching career because i like sharing with people. I am good at explaining complicated things and rules, I do help my students on learning some wrestling words in an easier way. I do understand the foreigners' pronunciation weakness on learning Chinese, I am able to let my students find out a proper way to pronounce these words. I help foreigners learn Chinese, write speeches in Chinese for my students if they ask, such as wedding speech, new year speech and so on. I am a good writer. :) Follow me to learn Chinese!


Financial Management


Reading, Writing,photography, fitness


中文(普通话), 英语

英语能力: 非常好
中文能力: 流利

  • 高级汉语 家教


I would like to write a recommendation for Zoe. My Chinese is terrible, but she is really helping me to improve. Her lessons are fun and really rewarding. Thanks Zoe!